Birds House is located in a protected part of Istria between Rovinj and Bale, within the unspoiled nature, in the Palud ornithological park, in the area called Garzota (7 km from Rovinj, 7 km from Bale). In order to protect the natural heritage of the bird reserve, which is a home to over 250 different bird species, the area is barly populated, so that you will only meet a few locals who cultivate their olive groves and cyclists who follow the cycling tracks all the way to Rovinj.
The nearby pebble bays are known for the cleanest sea in the whole of Istria.
One of the beaches extends only 1.5 km away (5 minutes by car, 18 minutes on foot), while the other is situated at a distance of 2.5 km. Across the entire area you can visit numerous "stancije" or estates, where the locals buy olive oil, wine, fresh vegetables or try local specialties.
Birds House is an excellent starting point for visiting various attractions: Rovinj, Bale, Lim Fjord, Vodnjan, Svetincenat, Pula and Brijuni, …


San Polo beach: situated 1.5 km away (5 minutes by car, 10 minutes by bike, 18 minutes on foot).
Pebble and sandy San Polo beach, 4 km long, is located near the campsite Mon Perin. The lively part of the beach beside the camp is equipped with showers. Along the beach is a playground for beach volleyball, a table tennis facility, playground and a beach bar with Wi-Fi. There is playground equipment actually placed in the sea: water trampoline and slide. A part of the beach is adapted for naturists and a part is also allowed for dogs. The second part of the bay is more suitable for those who enjoy peace and listening to the waves. The beach is accessible by car, but you will need to cross the tidy part of the beach on foot.

Cisterna beach: 2,5 km away (7 minutes by car, 15 minutes by bike, 30 minutes on foot).
One of the most beautiful beaches around Rovinj renowned for the cleanest sea. It is located in the bay Cisterna, which is named after the ancient Roman cistern, the remains of which today bear witness to the ingenuity and practical sense of our ancestors. 800 m long pebble beach descends gently in the turquoise sea with a sandy seabed. During low tide you can walk in water over 10 meters from the coast, thus the beach is suitable for families with children. On the outskirts the bay ends with stone tiles and Mediterranean vegetation, offering shelter from the sun and uninvited gazes, therefore the area is also suitable for naturists. Just a few hundred meters from the shore reign the "Two sisters" islands complementing the breathtaking panorama.
Due to the remoteness and lush greenery that stretches all the way to the coast, the beach offers a touch of wildness. Apart from a small bar, the bay has no additional content. The beach is accessible by car or bike along the gravel road almost to the very coast. This area is also a popular tourist destination of locals who enjoy taking a weekend swim in the clean sea.

Palud beach: 3 km away (7 minutes by car + 8 minutes on foot, 20 minutes by bike, 35 minutes on foot).
Wild, rugged, beautiful beach in all of its naturalness. Even in high season only a few people find this distant spot and enjoy in the embrace of the sea. You will need to leave your car at the entrance to the Palud bird reserve or at the Cisterna beach and continue on foot. Riders need to get off their bikes in certain areas.

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St. Garzotto 10
52210 - Rovinj

Latitude: 45.082406
Longitude: 13.632755